High quality glass patio doors are popular among property owners for a variety of reasons. They allow more natural light into the home, highlight views, and improve the appearance of your home or commercial property.  Contact us today for an estimate; 
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Types of Patio Doors
The type of patio doors you choose will depend on the style of the home or building, your personal preferences, and budget. Dwayne will work with you to select a product that meets all of your needs. The types of patio doors you can choose from include:

Sliding/gliding doors
Swinging/hinged doors
Clear glass doors
French doors
Etched glass doors
Obscure glass doors
Energy-efficient glass
Tempered glass
Safety glass
Bullet resistant glass
Sliding doors are ideal for property owners looking to save space. Swinging French doors are a common choice among homeowners looking for classic styles. Our customers can also opt for etched designs in the glass, or tinted or frosted glass for increased privacy.

Finally, our customers can also choose the type of glass used in their patio doors. Energy-efficient models can reduce utility bills by limiting the transfer of cold and hot air. Tempered glass has been strengthened via a heating process and is less prone to break. For property owners that require increased security, bullet resistant glass can be used in your patio doors.

At Acuff Glass, we offer a range of prefabricated patio door models for our customers; we also offer custom patio doors for those interested in creating doors with a specific design or glass type.
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